Ultrasound machine expert class Arietta V70

Ultrasonic device of premium class for use in medical institutions of the second and third level (expert diagnostics).

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Supply of equipment throughout Russia, Belarus and the CIS countries. DDP is included in the price
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Superior ergonomics:

– 4 active ports for connecting sensors

– IPS-PRO high definition liquid crystal monitor (1600×1200) with a diagonal of 21 “

– free adjustment of the control panel position

– touch panel with a diagonal of 10.5″ with the possibility of arbitrary arrangement of virtual keys

– Heating the gel

“Ultrasonic Symphony” is a set of technologies that provides the highest level of image and provides the possibility of special functions:

  • Multipath pulse wave generator with full aperture apodization
  • Support for multilayer and monocrystalline sensors
  • eFlow – Low-velocity blood flow mapping technology with the highest spatial resolution
  • HiRez – intelligent speckle noise filter
  • HiZoom – high definition zoom technology
  • PanZoom – “screen magnifier” that allows you to freely navigate the enlarged image
  • Dual Doppler – the ability to obtain a spectrum from two test volumes in real time
  • Coded scanning is a technology that significantly increases the maximum scan depth of high-frequency sensors

Special functions:

  • Sonoelastography HI-RTE is a technology for assessing tissue stiffness that greatly facilitates the early diagnosis of oncological diseases
  • Shear Wave Measurement – measurement of the shear wave propagation velocity for an objective assessment of diffuse changes in liver tissue and staging the degree of fibrosis
  • Real-Time Virtual Sonography – technology for combining ultrasound with pre-stored CT / MR data in real time on one screen
  • 3D/4D scanning with the ability to use virtual light sources and measurements in volume
  • СEUS – ultrasound studies using high, medium and low energy ultrasound contrasts
  • Anatomical M-mode

Automatic measurements for obstetrics and gynecology:

  • Automatic measurement of the collar space
  • Automatic measurement of fetal heart rate
  • Automatic folliculometry

Advanced analysis capabilities for cardiovascular studies:

  • eTracking – calculation of vascular wall stiffness indicators for early and accurate diagnosis of atherosclerosis
  • Flow Mediated Dilatation (FMD) analysis – assessment of flow-mediated dilatation of arteries also serves for early and accurate diagnosis of atherosclerosis
  • Wave Intensity (WI) – an assessment of the efficiency of the cardiovascular system
  • Wave Intensity (WI) – an assessment of the efficiency of the cardiovascular system

Areas of use

  • General radiology
  • Cardiology
  • Angiology
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology
  • Urology
  • Local assistance
  • Surgery

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