Ultrasound ARIETTA S60

The versatile ARIETTA S60 system combines all the traditional advantages of Hitachi systems in a compact and ergonomic design.

Badge Discount
Purchase on lease possible
Employee training, installation and commissioning
Delivery Truck
Supply of equipment throughout Russia, Belarus and the CIS countries. DDP is included in the price
Warranty and service
Display17 ” diagonal, IPS-Pro high resolution monitor
Control PanelTouch, 10.5-inch
TissueElastography Technology Tissue Elastography (RTE)Allows you to visualize tissue stiffness in real time. It can also be used for the thyroid gland, mammary glands, liver and urinary organs.
Virtual sonography in real time (Real-timeVirtualSonography)Ability to simultaneously view images of CT, MRI, etc.
CompoundImaging (CI)present
Active ports3 active and 1 parking
Assessment of arterial stiffness (eTRACKING)Evaluates the condition of the vascular wall
2D-Tissue TrackingQuantifying movement and thickening of the heart muscle
Panel height adjustablereduction to 70 cm
Image­OptimizerHelps to track user preferences to optimize image performance
Dynamic slow motion displaySimultaneous display of images (including slow-motion images).
RegulatorsWith a wide range of functions and different rotation options
3D / 4D functionpresent
Stream of Mediated Dilation: FMDTo assess vascular endothelial function
Power consumption580 VA
HI REZAllows the user to see fabric differences, reduces graininess
Dual Dopplerobservation of Doppler signals at 2 points during the same cardiac cycle.
Preset programs100 kinds (max. 10 kinds one of each sensor).
Compound Pulse Wave Generator Plus (CPWG+)Compound pulse wave generator for improved clarity
Symphonic­TechnologyIncreases image sensitivity

Areas of use

  • General radiology
  • Cardiology
  • Angiology
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology
  • Urology
  • Local assistance
  • Surgery

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