Ultrasonic mobile device Noblus

HITACHI introduces the new HITACHI Noblus expert handheld ultrasound scanner.

Since its inception, ultrasound systems have been constantly improved and today they have become a necessary medical device not only in diagnostic rooms, but also in various clinical situations.

The capabilities of the Noblus ultrasound scanner allow it to be adapted to a wide range of different studies and successfully applied in a variety of diagnostic areas

Thanks to modern technologies and an ergonomic interface, Noblus meets the needs of medical institutions in various types of ultrasound examinations.

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Noblus – Modern universal compact ultrasound system.

Excellent image quality and state-of-the-art technology ensure reliable examinations, regardless of the ultrasound scanner application.

Noblus combines the cutting edge technology required for a variety of research areas. For example, real-time sonoelastography and the ability to use contrast agents are a hallmark, which provides a high level of diagnostic confidence. These features are made possible by the Ultra BE (Ultrasound Broadband Engine) ™ system architecture. The powerful signal transmission and receiving capacity allows for superb picture quality in a compact, portable system.



  • The newest HITACHI Noblus device has the form of a laptop and a mobile stand, which allows it to be used in various conditions and a wide range of ultrasound diagnostics: from standard examinations to endo- and intraoperative and abdominal examinations.
  • The swiveling and tilting monitor reduces the burden on the specialist during long examinations.

HITACHI Noblus allows connection of a maximum of 3 sensors, including the previously developed HITACHI HI VISION sensors


  • High quality image thanks to the unique Ultra BE signal processing technology developed by HITACHI
  • Effective use of Real-time Tissue Elastography
  • Innovative technologies are used: 4D (3D image in real time), STIC and CW-Doppler
  • Control and complete software for DICOM network communication (transmission, storage, printing, worklist)
  • Endoscopic probe connectivity
  • Possibility of connecting sensors with mini-connectors and sensors with conventional connectors, suitable for stationary systems

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