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HITACHI Hi Vision Avius

Avius big

We proudly present you the new ultrasound system HI VISION Avius that is small in stature but big in performance. With the same performance reliability and attractive system design of the new HI VISION ultrasound platform range – you will find the HI VISION Avius hard to resist. Hitachi's new system architecture, incorporating the latest broadband beamforming technology and ultra high-speed signal processing capability, will inspire you with confidence to put the HI VISION Avius at the heart of your diagnostic and interventional therapeutic ultrasound practice.
Tuning variability allows for quality investigations and precise diagnosis. The size of the system meet requirements of medical institutions. “Smart” settings designed for quick and precise investigations.


In today’s busy healthcare environment we know what a difference user-friendly equipment can make to your daily workload. You asked for a system that is easy to use and improves workflow – we have given you a simple elegant operator console and put efficient imaging parameter control at your fingertips.

The art of effective imaging – HI VISION imaging capability offers customised scanning parameters combined with high-speed image processing to facilitate efficient & accurate diagnoses. Proven innovative technologies confer superior penetration, temporal, spatial and contrast resolution giving high quality images for every patient every time.

Advantage through knowledge – recognising that premium advanced modalities can provide significant diagnostic & therapeutic benefit in routine clinical applications the HI VISION Avius offers several of Hitachi's pioneering ultrasound imaging technologies to give you state-of-the-art imaging in a compact and affordable system. Hitachi ultrasound systems benefit from more than 30 years experience of inhouse transducer design and manufacture. The HI VISION Avius is compatible with our full range of standard and dedicated specialist transducers – maximising diagnostic potential and maximising return on investment.


Hitachi Real-time Tissue Elastography (HI-RTE)

HI-RTE has proven clinical benefits in a variety of different applications – breast, prostate, pancreas & lymph nodes, thyroid, musculoskeletal, liver and many more. With the ability to improve focal lesion visualisation and refine a differential diagnosis in real-time using any one of over 20 transducer choices, clinical studies evidence that the technique is accurate, reproducible and easy to perform. HI-RTE is rapidly becoming an essential part of the routine clinical ultrasound examination. New strain histogram analysis helps to quantify and standardise staging of diffuse diseases such as liver fibrosis.


Volume imaging is supported on the HI VISION Avius platform by dedicated lightweight, ergonomic transducers capable of the same level of HI VISION signal processing as our standard 2D transducers to maximise diagnostic capability whilst minimising operator fatigue. Introduction of a new high frequency linear 4D transducer now extends the clinical utility of this option to breast and other superficial structure applications. Versatile software features include: HI-DEF 3D selectable in B-mode, colour flow or power Doppler mode, simultaneous display of parallel ‘multislice’ images derived from the 3D volume data set, and a choice of image rendering modes, e.g. Surface, transparency, maximum or minimum intensity projection, skeletal and inversion modes. A multiplanar reformatting (MPR) function gives you the ability to view any individual anatomic plane either as a ‘full screen’ image or in quadruple display with its three complementary orthogonal planes – this facilitates accurate linear or volume measurements and improves the accuracy of image-guided interventional procedures. The clinical value of MPR display is further enhanced by the addition of tissue adaptive filtering to reduce the effects of speckle and noise in the reconstructed planes.

- Dynamic Contrast Harmonic Imaging (dCHI)

Dynamic Contrast Harmonic Imaging (dCHI) is a wideband pulse-inversion (WPI) technology developed by Hitachi for use with ultrasound contrast agents. We give you increased agent-to-tissue specificity by modulation of both phase and the transmit frequency between pulses – you notice significant improvement in lateral and contrast resolution and greater sensitivity at depth with no compromise in axial resolution. The Motion-Compensated Microbubble Trace Imaging (MC-MTI) accumulative enhancement mode offers improved visualisation of micro-vessel morphology and by generating Time Intensity Curves (TIC) from stored data you can display contrast agent enhancement over time within multiple selectable regions of interest (ROI). dCHI mode is available on the full range of abdominal, interventional, cardiac, endocavity, endoscopic, and on high frequency linear array, transducers.

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