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HITACHI EUB-7500 Hi Vision


Hitachi Medical Systems presents you the Hitachi EUB-7500 HV, a compact and affordable platform with outstanding performance. The most powerful system in its class, the EUB-7500 HV supports all mainstream applications, and in addition, gives access to premium-level features like Hitachi Realtime Tissue Elastography (HI-RTE), Real-time Virtual Sonography (RVS), and sophisticated cardiac tissue-tracking modalities.


Imagine expert class ultrasound system with compact ergonomic design, perfect image quality and highest productivity. Ultrasound scanner EUB-7500HV is a unique system, that is designed for a wide range of clinical areas, including obstetrics, gynaecology, radiology, endoscopic ultrasound, urology, surgery, cardiology, vascular medicine, endocrinology, rheumatology and many other surgical and non-surgical applications.

EUB-7500HV perfect image quality is due to the cutting edge technologies of acquiring and processing of ultrasound wave. For obtaining an image without artifacts this ultrasound scanner implements the most advanced and at the same time reliable imaging technologies. Now the sharpest images are available for experts.


Innovative «Cockpit» Interface

With the 19” LCD, the EUB-7500 HV supports Hitachi’s new graphical interface, the Ultrasound Cockpit. All the controls are arranged in front of the user similar to a cockpit, so with a ‘point and click’ PC style interface, the system can be operated from on-screen icons. A thumbnail image gallery displays current and stored images for easy comparison. The operator can customize his display so that only desired functions are in view, and the full exam can be performed without taking your attention away from the ultrasound image. Infrared Remote Control Lightweight yet fully featured for comprehensive system control no matter what the clinical needs. An innovative watertight design allows for easy cleaning for use in any environment, including sterile fields. Voice-activated Bluetooth Operation Command and control with voice recognition via a Bluetooth headset allows total focus on the patient and procedure. The need to move the system in order to avoid potentially harmful operator positioning is eliminated.

Digital Video Archiving Software

Hitachi has developed a new capture board and software which gives you all of the functionality of an external DVD recorder on your hard drive. Up to 4 hours continuous recording in MPEG2 format is possible, direct to the hard drive or DVD-RAM. Other features include: quick search/review, Doppler sound recording and variable playback speed.

HI Rez+

This high resolution tissue adaptive filtering technique performs tens of thousands of spatial imaging processing operations in real time using a dedicated high speed ASIC calculator and ultra-high speed algorithm. Real tissue echoes are enhanced and given a more uniform appearance whilst noise and clutter are significantly reduced even in the most difficult-to-image patients.

HI Com / Steering HI Com

Both frequency and spatial compounding techniques are combined with HI Compound imaging, resulting in exceptional contrast and detail resolution with improved visualisation of interfaces and organ boundaries, allowing greater diagnostic confidence. With the latest addition, Steering HI Com, the operator can choose the steer angle so significantly improving the visualisation of biopsy needles or reducing the effect of anisotropy. High Definition dynamic Tissue Harmonic Imaging (HdTHI) Thanks to the improvement in Hitachi’s broadband technology, the non-linear receive components induced by the wideband transmit pulse include low frequency sub-harmonic signals in addition to the second harmonic frequencies. Improved resolution and penetration is achieved over conventional pulse inversion technology.

Hitachi Real-time Tissue Elastography (HI-RTE) – the new modality for the assessment of tissue elasticity

By offering additional information about the tissues' stiffness, Hitachi’s proprietary technique improves the visualisation of tumours and further aids the differentiation between benign and malignant disease. In breast applications, HI-RTE has a complementary diagnostic role to the conventional B-mode, increasing the specificity by adding new benign criteria and thereby educing the number of further, unnecessary diagnostic procedures. This 2nd generation real-time elastography includes the Strain Ratio measurement, providing an objective quantification of the strain within a lesion compared to the normal surrounding tissues for further research into tissue characterisation. HI-RTE is available for a wide variety of transducers and its diagnostic value has been proven for many clinical applications:

Let 4D imaging help you see and understand more

4D imaging is supported on the 7500 HV platform by dedicated lightweight,ergonomic transducers capable of the same level of HI Vision signal processingas our standard 2D transducers. MPR – any plane can be viewed full screen or in a quad display with its complementary orthogonal planes for accurate linear or volume measurements, or for accurately guiding intervention. In the dual display of B-mode and real-time 3D, positioning the flexible view line, setting the 3D ROI, rotation of 3D image and choice of rendering (surface, transparency, maximum or minimum intensity projections, skeletal mode) ensure quick, real-time acquisition of volume data. HI DEF 3D mode, and further post-processing of stored volume data (scalpel function, smoothing, shading, brightness, colourisation and rendering mode) allow optimal 4D display. Raw volume data can be saved to the internal hard disc or external storage media, and easily retrieved for further manipulation. Previous adjustment of parameters can be recorded with the stored data allowing return to an earlier reconstructed view.

Dynamic Contrast Harmonic Imaging (dCHI)

The Wideband-Pulse-Inversion (WPI) developed by Hitachi offers increased agent to tissue specificity by modulation of both the phase and the transmitted frequency between pulses. The advantages: significantly improved lateral and contrast resolution without compromising axial resolution. The frequency modulation results in greater sensitivity at depth compared with conventional harmonic imaging methods. Microbubble Trace Imaging (MTI) Micro-vessel morphology can be seen in fine detail and tumour characterization improved using the microbubble trace imaging accumulative enhancement mode. In addition, flash-replenishment sequences can be customized for each examination. Time Intensity Curves (TIC) can be generated from the stored clips to display contrast agent enhancement over time within multiple selectable ROIs. Parameters such as time to peak and amplitude of enhancement can be derived using best fit analysis techniques, and all data can be exported as an Excel file for further off-line analysis.

Real-time Virtual Sonography (RVS) – the intelligent fusion of ultrasound and CT/MR imaging

Hitachi’s Real-time Virtual Sonography enables the simultaneous real time display of a free-hand ultrasound image together with the corresponding multiplanar reconstructed (MPR) view from the pre-operative CT or MR volume data set. This innovative imaging technology gives a better understanding of the ultrasound imaging anatomy, provides a direct comparison of lesions using different imaging modalities, improved accuracy of needle placement for interventional procedures, and more precise monitoring of interventional procedures without additional radiation exposure. Available with a full range of abdominal, dedicated biopsy and high frequency linear transducers.

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