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“Best-in Class” Digital Multipurpose R/F System

Sonialvision G4 is the next generation of Shimadzu’s high-end R/F system series. The new system has been completely redesigned to provide innovations in all areas, such as patient handling and care, dose reduction and image quality, as well as more simplified workflows.

Ultra-high definition and dynamic images

The new flat panel detector has a small, 139 μm pixel pitch and a high-sensitive CsI scintillator. Combined with the SUREengine-Advance (Shimadzu Ultimate Real-time Enhancement Image Processing Engine) it ensures clearer fluoroscopy and radiography images. The FPD offers five sizes of selectable fields of view up to 43 x 43 cm, allowing a wide range of examinations.

Comprehensive dose reduction and management

Equipped with various functions to reduce radiation exposure levels effectively, the system provides peace of mind for both patients and attending personnel during examinations. Highly developed mechanisms for efficient dose reduction and X-ray exposure control are available.

Advanced imaging technologies increase efficiency

The Sonialvision G4 2-in-1 R/F system performs

  • digital radiographic
  • pulsed-fluoroscopy
  • extended video-fluoroscopy examinations

and additional advanced imaging technologies, like

  • DSA
  • real-time and motion-tolerant RSM-DSA
  • Slot Radiography1 and
  • Tomosynthesis1 for general radiography examinations.

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