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OASIS The ultimate Patient 1.2 Tesla MRI - open

OASIS cmyk

OASIS The ultimate Patient 1.2 Tesla MRI - open.


For both you and Hitachi, the patient comes first! Hitachi Medical Systems presents OASIS, a genuinely open and vertical high-field MRI system that can be used for all patients and covers all of your application requirements.

OASIS combines high-speed gradients, multichannel RF technology and unmatched Zenith RF coils with a genuinely open MRI system.

Hitachi Technology

This powerful 1.2T vertical field MRI system delivers outstanding image quality for all of your high-field applications. Its intuitive software makes the most demanding of protocols and applications easy to understand, navigate and use. OASIS also supports DICOM interaction, IHE and the security features that are required to operate in a dynamic medical imaging environment. Moreover, peripheral devices can also easily be integrated into the system.

Hitachi Design

OASIS demonstrates Hitachi’s unique and extensive experience in the design of patientcentric MRI systems. The 270° patient view, large vertical gap, asymmetric table alignment and high-capacity table provide the most comfortable scanning environment, regardless of the patient’s body type.

Hitachi Image Quality

The clinical demand for high-level imaging on your schedule can be met by the OASIS range of diagnostic applications, all of which ensure the highest image quality in all clinical aspects.

Hitachi Economy

OASIS achieves reliability for the administrator. The scan control and reconstruction engine allow efficient acquisition management. Rapid image reconstruction, smooth workflow and high patient throughput are assured. The outstanding design and technology facilitate installation in room spaces equivalent to those used for 1.5T horizontal closed bore systems, thus making siting economical.

Hitachi Uptime

With more than 5000 installations of “Open MRI” worldwide, and over 20 years leading the development of open MRI technology, our highly valued customers rely on our excellent product reliability and services each and every day, with the number of highly satisfied customers rising year by year. How can we help you?


OASIS provides vertical high–field, superconductive open MRI – clinical advancement developed with the patient’s experience in mind, as patients at their ease produce the best image quality.

Key benefits:

Highest field strength, 1.2T open design delivers outstanding image quality, comparable to that of a 1.5T high-end horizontal bore system

Cost-effective siting fits in almost all conventional 1.5T rooms

HOSS (High Order Shim System) provides excellent magnet homogeneity for the best image quality and the highest patient throughput

Excellent image quality and RF fat saturation to meet your diagnostic clinical needs

Unique zenith coil technology 20 years of experience in vertical magnetic field coil technology, with the highest number of channels in open MRI, enabling parallel imaging

Unique open view and patient comfort level for all your patients, ensuring high patient throughput

Widening access by patient groups ensures access to those previously unsuited or prevented from accessing horizontal bore systems

ORIGIN MR Operating Software
Windows XP-based operating software serves as a familiar environment for moving easily through demanding clinical applications and protocols. From patient registration through scan set-up to image archiving, ORIGIN mousedriven operating software is easy to learn and use.

VERTEX Computer System
The OASIS computer architecture integrate an advanced scan/reconstruction engine and a dual core CPU configuration. This parallel processing design provides maximum workflow and patient throughput benefits that complement the advantage patient comfort offers in keeping scans on schedule.

Scan/Reconstruction Engine
The OASIS scan reconstruction engine incorporates an FPGA Digital RF receiver and dedicated CPUs for parallel multi-channel reconstruction, resulting in the fastest reconstruction times available on the market (up to 5500 images p/sec).

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