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Magnetic-resonance machine Echelon Oval 1.5T

Echelon Oval cmyk

MRI Echelon Oval . The Ideal Solution for Patient Accessibility, Workflow & Clinical Capability.

Hitachi has a long history of delivering patient-friendly systems that allow imaging practices to serve the broadest spectrum of patients. The Oval is the newest Hitachi system to carry on this tradition.


The unique oval bore is shaped the way patients are shaped, and provides the space and feeling of openness where they need it most: on the sides. With a 74cm bore, Oval is the widest 1.5T system available and delivers the most lateral freedom. Your anxious, claustrophobic, broad-shouldered, or bariatric patients will experience greater comfort and peace-of-mind. In turn, your imaging practice will decrease sedation costs, reduce rescans and improve throughput. The unique oval design produces winning results for both patient and practice.

WIT Mobile Table

The WIT Mobile Table delivers outstanding benefits to both patient and practice. Technologists can easily move the table to the patient rather than moving the patient to the table. This minimizes transfers for non-ambulatory and infirm patients. The ultra-wide WIT mobile table measures 63cm, providing comfort, capacity and safety for large patients and simplified patient positioning. The table mobility and extra width help speed patient accessibility and acclimation to alleviate anxiety. The large vertical range of motion provides easy patient accessibility, and the feet-first imaging capability further reduces patient anxiety.

WIT Monitor

The WIT Monitor is located at the top of the gantry, allowing the technologist to input and review patient information with ease and efficiency, without leaving the patient. This is another way Oval improves workflow while decreasing patient anxiety.

WIT Integrated RF Coil System

The WIT integrated coil system is a Hitachi technological advancement that improves all three elements of MR imaging: patient comfort, throughput, and clinical results. The integrated body/spine coil system resides within the table itself, which delivers quick setup and optimized workflow. Anterior coils are immediately accessible, lightweight, and easy to position. And intelligent element selection chooses optimum coil elements, which not only aids in improving workflow, but also works to consistently produce the best image quality. The signal loss from the coils is digitized (A/D conversion) right at the gantry to prevent signal loss, and is digitally transmitted via fiber optics to minimize noise pick up. The result is highest possible SNR. All of this combines to make Oval the ideal solution for delivering diagnostic confidence, maximizing workflow, and providing differentiating patient benefits.

ORIGIN™ MR Operating Software

Echelon Oval’s Origin MR Operating Software optimizes every facet of imaging workflow with features including simultaneous scan/recon, ultra-fast acquisitions, motion compensation techniques, scan parameter guidance, HIS/RIS interoperability, and specifically AutoPose. AutoPose™ moves workflow forward by automatically determining and placing optimal main scan slice locations based on the initial scanogram, saving the operator time and improving consistency of routine brain scans.

Diagnostic Confidence

The Oval features a 1.5T imaging system that delivers high-field imaging for the full spectrum of clinical needs, providing high diagnostic confidence, even for the most challenging cases. Oval offers the latest high-end clinical capabilities, including VASC non-contrast MRA, isotropic imaging with isoFSE, breast, and abdominal dynamic imaging with TIGRE, T2 RelaxMap and micro TE for cartilage assessment, and advanced neuro imaging capabilities like ADAGE and Blood Sensitive Imaging.

Neuro Imaging

The essential pulse sequences, acquisition features, and post processing tools for high-quality imaging of the brain, head/neck and spinal structures are standard on Echelon Oval. The powerful gradient system, sensitive RF coils, and comprehensive imaging features drive short scan times, high resolution, and diagnostic confidence.

BSI (Blood Sensitive Imaging) depicts veins, hemorrhage and micro bleeds without contrast using a 3D multi-shot Gradient Echo EPI sequence. It provides high speed T2* weighted images that are sensitive to differences in magnetic susceptibility. ADAGE designed for axial c-spine imaging with high gray/white matter contrast. It uses combinations of multiple echoes to create high contrast T2* for improved CNR/SNR. Isotropic Imaging with isoFSE and 3D-GEIR produces images that can be reconstructed in arbitrary planes with the MPR feature with excellent image quality.

Orthopedic Imaging

Echelon Oval delivers a comprehensive set of sequences and features for exquisite orthopedic MR imaging. Highly sensitive multi-channel coils promote high spatial resolution critical for orthopedic imaging, and the HOAST-Regional Shim feature for off-isocenter imaging delivers remarkable RF fat saturation.

Cartilage imaging excels using Water Excitation and BASG (Balanced SARGE) or RSSG (RF-Spoiled SARGE) 3D Gradient Echo sequences. T2 RelaxMap provides quantitative T2 imaging for cartilage assessment with quantification of actual T2 values within a morphological image. The T2 values are displayed in a color overlay which can depict subtle tissue properties and anomalies. Micro TE can be used to analyze cortical bone, for surgical planning, and for examining the interface of tendon, bone, and ligament using 2D multi-echo gradient echo to provide high contrast imaging of tissue with very short T2 values.

Body Imaging

The exceptional power of Echelon Oval is demonstrated in this demanding and fast-growing group of applications. High SNR from the highly sensitive WIT coil technology is complemented by the fast, fat suppressed imaging sequences and Hitachi’s all coil/all plane motion compensating RADAR technique. Hitachi’s standard and user-customized 2D and 3D protocols for abdomen, pelvis, MRCP, and dynamic liver imaging are ready for your Body MRI challenges.

Vascular Imaging

Conventional 2D/3D TOF and advanced acquisition techniques such as Fluoro Triggered MRA (FLUTE™) and 3D vessel post-processing features provide the tools you need for Head-to-Toe vascular imaging.

VASC™ Non contrast MRA, including VASC ASL and VASC FSE, is used in cases complicated by renal insufficiency, employing Hitachi’s VASC sequence, and netting excellent renal and peripheral vessel image quality without a bolus. BeamSat TOF allows users to selectively isolate flow signal with a cylindrical saturation beam, which can localize sources of blood flow when depicting vascular anomalies. SIR Map (Signal Intensity Ratio Map) is used with RADAR to evaluate arterial plaque. The result is displayed as a color overlay on the anatomic image. SIR Map of diseased arteries can provide insight into the components of arterial plaque, and may have application in the diagnosis and treatment monitoring of artery stenosis.

Accessibility. Workflow. Diagnostic Confidence.

In today’s competitive market, Oval delivers 1.5T diagnostic capabilities with significant bottom line benefits through greater patient accessibility, tangible cost efficiencies, optimized workflow, and increased throughput. This is how Hitachi’s Echelon Oval is changing the shape of MR.

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