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0.4 Tesla MRI System Aperto

aperto lucent 1

The APERTO has been developed as the flagship for Hitachi’s permanent magnet open MRI systems. High-field MRI image processing and reconstruction have been integrated to leverage the performance between open permanent and high-field MRI.

Speaking about the quality of acquired images APERTO overbalances horizontal 0.8 T MRI systems or even 1.0 T MRI systems


A continually changing market environment driven by cost control combined with the need for highest image quality possible has inspired Hitachi to design the APERTO – a new class in open MRI technology expanding the quality of patient care and increasing comfort of the enduser.

The advantage of permanent open MRI is that, due to its nature, it offers a wide range of clinical benefits such as easy patient access, a comfortable scanning experience, highest diagnostic confidence and excellent cost of ownership.

APERTO – more than you expect

High-end imaging performance and quality. New high-field image reconstruction technology New, extremely user-friendly operating platform The most open, single pillar design. Minimal space requirements 0.4 Tesla field strength permanent magnet.

Renowned Hitachi reliability. Low environmental footprint High levels of patient acceptance and comfort.

The open design of the APERTO has many advantages; it allows children and the elderly to have someone by their side, and it also reduces the anxiety of patients afraid of confined spaces.

APERTO – first class comfort for your patient.

Children and their parents are ensured peace of mind Elderly avoid feelings of anxiety due to the patient-friendly, open design Claustrophobics can be more easily encouraged to undergo a scan Generously sized patients up to 180kg, the scanning of joints, such as a shoulder or knee, can easily be performed Silent, air-cooled gradient system with very low noise level. Comfortable, unobstructed view and easy positioning.

The APERTO opens a new chapter in permanent open MRI with its brand new technology package that is used on all of our MRI systems to deliver first class imaging performance, as well as achieving the best in user- friendliness across diverse systems, used for the same purpose.


New Eddy Current Correction technology: The APERTO now sees the introduction of new Eddy Current Correction (ECC) technology. Eddy currents disrupt the gradient field waveform, causing problems such as image distortion, which again leads to inferior image quality. The new APERTO Eddy Current Control technology is not only applied to the magnet itself, but also predicts and controls the potential amount of Eddy Current which results in improved image quality.

New SuperShim technology: With SuperShim installed, high order shimming can be applied to those static magnetic fields that conventional first order shimming alone could not adequately compensate for. This technology is now available and offers excellent Fat Separation in large fields of view.

New Truncation Filter: The newly developed truncation filter has lower interference with the image resolution and truncation artefacts generated on the edges of images being effectively suppressed, thus ensuring very homogenous images and greater diagnostic confidence.

Smooth operation using the wide screen: Key information can now be displayed and arranged more clearly, thus allowing the operator to view all relevant information at a single glance.

Quick and simple adjustment of settings for image acquisition and processing: The parameter guidance function gives you automatically colour coded suggestions about which parameters can be optimized. Simplifying every day of the operator and radiologist.

User-friendly graphical user interface: High speed image processing and reconstruction together with the user friendly graphical interface lets you perform complex computation, such as curved multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) and volume rendering (VR). Stress-less MRI operation.

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