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0.3 Tesla MRI System Airis Vento


For both you and Hitachi, economy, patient comfort and confidence in diagnosis are vital. AIRIS Vento incorporates newly developed permanent open MRI technologies and a wealth of the latest know-how in superconductive MRI systems to provide you with enhanced imaging capabilities and an outstanding return on investment.


Through Hitachi’s unique vertical field coil technology, new uniform graphical user interface and the introduction of its ultra-fast image reconstruction engine, the 0.3T permanent open MRI system offers real state-of–the-art MRI imaging technology.

The compact, wide open aperture is designed to make the whole experience less intimidating for patients. Comfort is assured throughout the scanning process, for the patient and you.

Experience new technologies combined with friendly open MRI design that make the AIRIS Vento, ideal for children, the elderly, as well as claustrophobic and bariatric patients. A new level of comfort for both the patient and you.

The AIRIS Vento features a wide, open MRI system with world-renowned, proven technology, a unique range of dedicated anatomically-adapted coils and best-in-class Hitachi technologies to achieve excellent image quality.


New Fine Tune Technology (FITT)
FITT compensates for the difference in signals between multi slabs. This feature allows improved image quality in MRA by optimising MTC and RF pulse. FITT produces clear images of fine vessels without boundary artifacts between slabs.

New graphical user interface, image reconstruction and wide screen display.
Simple, fast image processing Smooth operation on the wide screen High speed image reconstruction and complex processing such as Volume Rendering (VR) and Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) can be completed in a short time Curved and radial multi-planar reconstruction. Platformindependent uniform graphical user interface that is easy to learn and use, which allows you to develop as your needs change.

New Eddy Current Correction Technology.
The AIRIS Vento now uses new Eddy Current Correction (ECC) technology. Eddy currents disrupt the gradient field waveform, causing image distortion, which in turn leads to a reduction in image quality. The new AIRIS Vento ECC technology is not only used on the magnet itself, but also to predict and control the potential amount of eddy current, which results in improved image quality.

New SuperShim technology.
With SuperShim installed, high order shimming can be applied to those static magnetic fields that conventional first order shimming alone could not adequately compensate for.

Smooth operation using the wide screen.
Key information can now be displayed and arranged more clearly, thus letting the operator view all of the relevant information at a glance.

Quick and simple adjustment of image
acquisition and image processing settings The parameter guidance function gives you automatically colour-coded suggestions as to which parameters can be optimised. This makes the working day of the operator and radiologist that much easier.

User-friendly graphical user interface.
High speed image processing and reconstruction combined with the user-friendly graphical interface lets you perform complex computation processes, such as curved multi-planar reconstruction (MPR) and volume rendering (VR). Stress-free MRI operation.

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