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Scalable multislice CT Sakura 16


In 2010 it was established MAX TECHNOLOGIES company with IPS company participation for the production of x-Ray СT called «Sakura» in Russia. System «Sakura» has completely russified user interface. It is based on technologies and elements, developed and manufactured by Hitachi company in Japan. It meets the modern requirements to the computer tomography.



Without picking up the rotation speed (0.8 seconds / rotation: 16 slices), shortening the scanning time is new concept of this CT system. This system fit for all the users, such as doctors, technologists and patients. Also, the saving space design of this CT system allows easy installation and replacement. This is the multi-fit CT, the Sakura. To fit for all the users, various needs and limited space.

Patient Friendly

With high quality and low-dose compatible image application software, such as automatic x-ray control system (Adaptive mA), are the standard configuration. Also the egg round design of the gantry let patient feel openness and relax. Demo breath lights allows patient to practice the breath holding before scanning which release the patient’s anxiety.

Easy Operation

With various applications software available for the multi-slice CT, the operation is becoming much more complicated, because of augmenting data amount. Real-time image reconstruction, one-click image analysis, customization of the icon and filming operation are the Sakura’s easy operation.

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