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Magnetic Resonance Systems


Echelon Smart

ECHELON Smart heralds the dawn of a new standard for 1.5T superconductive MRI.

The ECHELON Smart features a small footprint and limited cost, without compromising diagnostic quality and speed.

Based on Hitachi’s proprietary technology, this system has opened up the potential for 1.5T systems, providing superb image quality and superior install flexibility inherited from permanent-magnet MRI systems.

ECHELON Smart offers new options for superconductive MRI.


Echelon Oval 1.5T

Echelon 1.5T

Echelon Smart1.5ECHELON – the new standard in 1.5 Tesla MR.


OASIS The ultimate Patient 1.2 Tesla MRI - open

OASIS cmykOASIS The ultimate Patient 1.2 Tesla MRI - open.


0.4 Tesla MRI System Aperto

aperto lucent 1The APERTO has been developed as the flagship for Hitachi’s permanent magnet open MRI systems. High-field MRI image processing and reconstruction have been integrated to leverage the performance between open permanent and high-field MRI.


0.3 Tesla MRI System Airis Vento

AirisbigFor both you and Hitachi, economy, patient comfort and confidence in diagnosis are vital. AIRIS Vento incorporates newly developed permanent open MRI technologies and a wealth of the latest know-how in superconductive MRI systems to provide you with enhanced imaging capabilities and an outstanding return on investment.


Computed Tomography Systems

Scalable multislice CT Sakura 16

sacuraIn 2010 it was established MAX TECHNOLOGIES company with IPS company participation for the production of x-Ray СT called «Sakura» in Russia. System «Sakura» has completely russified user interface. It is based on technologies and elements, developed and manufactured by Hitachi company in Japan. It meets the modern requirements to the computer tomography.


64/128-ch Multislice CT Scenaria

Scenaria64/128-ch Multislice CT Scenaria.

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Ultrasound Scanners

EUB 5500

Ascendus bigStationary multi-functional digital scanner with electronic linear, convex and phased sector scanning. For general purposes use and cardiovascular investigations.


HITACHI Hi Vision Preirus

preirus bigWe proudly present you the new ultrasound system HI VISION Preirus implementing new architecture and ultra-flexible design. Since introducing the first real-time ultrasound machine with digital scan converter in 1980, Hitachi has developed a rich technological expertise which now delivers the HI VISION Preirus – a new generation ultrasound platform with advanced ergonomic architectural design, the latest broadband beamforming technology and ultrahigh-speed processing capability.
Discover new dimensions in ergonomic design – increased machine flexibility means it does the twisting and turning, so you don't have to.


HITACHI Hi Vision Avius

Avius bigWe proudly present you the new ultrasound system HI VISION Avius that is small in stature but big in performance. With the same performance reliability and attractive system design of the new HI VISION ultrasound platform range – you will find the HI VISION Avius hard to resist. Hitachi's new system architecture, incorporating the latest broadband beamforming technology and ultra high-speed signal processing capability, will inspire you with confidence to put the HI VISION Avius at the heart of your diagnostic and interventional therapeutic ultrasound practice.


HITACHI EUB-7500 Hi Vision

noblus bigHitachi Medical Systems presents you the Hitachi EUB-7500 HV, a compact and affordable platform with outstanding performance. The most powerful system in its class, the EUB-7500 HV supports all mainstream applications, and in addition, gives access to premium-level features like Hitachi Realtime Tissue Elastography (HI-RTE), Real-time Virtual Sonography (RVS), and sophisticated cardiac tissue-tracking modalities.


HITACHI EUB-7000 Hi Vision

7000.jpgHitachi Medical Systems presents you the Hitachi EUB-7000 HV, a compact size high class ultrasound scanner with unique performance.


Hitachi Ultrasound Scanners Sensors

7000.jpgHitachi Medical Systems offers wide choice of ultrahighdense linear, convex, sector phased broadband sensors that guarantee to suit in a variety of clinical areas from abdominal, obstetrical, and gynaecological investigations to superficial and cardiovascular investigations. More than that we offer special sensors for endoscopic, biopsy, proctological, laparoscopic, intraoperative, and intraductal investigations.


Radiologic Equipment IPS

Trinias B12 MiX package

bransystCrossover digital biplane angiography system

Featuring new software and hardware, the new MiX package (Minimally invasive eXperience) for the Trinias angiography system allows you to fully experience how much more advanced and powerful the system is and how it supports even less invasive procedures. SCORE imaging, SMART design, and SMILE concept are the key software and hardware features creating an outstanding crossover digital angiography system.


Opescope Acteno

4 1Free and easy positioning provides optimal performance to meet the demands of the operating room and emergency room. The overall system ensures both high image quality and ease of use and represents the pinnacle of our evolving OPESCOPE-series.



radspeedcatSophisticated synchronization functions make system operation even easier
The auto-positioning feature is interlocked with the APRs (anatomical programs). This function moves the ceiling-mounted X-ray tube to any desired position at the press of a single button and can automatically set the angle. Effortless tube positioning allows the operator to focus on patient care. Of course, manual operation is also possible to make corrections of the fine-tuning positioning extremely simple.


MobileDaRt Evolution

mobiledartPremium digital mobile X-ray system

Combining clinical feedback with the most advanced technologies, the brand-new MobileDaRt Evolution MX7 adds evolutionary steps to mobile X-ray imaging.




“Best-in Class” Digital Multipurpose R/F System

Sonialvision G4 is the next generation of Shimadzu’s high-end R/F system series. The new system has been completely redesigned to provide innovations in all areas, such as patient handling and care, dose reduction and image quality, as well as more simplified workflows.


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