Company IPS (Image Processing Systems) welcomes you. We are the Sole distributor of ultrasound systems HI VISION and Arietta V, CT and MRI systems manufactured by Hitachi in Russian market. Our company’s aim is to meet the most exacting requirements of our customers, satisfy their demands for quality high-tech devices, provide necessary technological and informational support promptly.

What is the reason of uniqueness and attractiveness of our devices?

In modern world of rapid high-tech development and high density of similar devices it is an affair of special importance to choose wisely and get the device that outstands from the others with its perfection. This is a case for medical equipment as well. Our devices were developed by worldknown Hitachi corporation; during its centennial history Hitachi has achieved a decent place in world market and gained a reputation of highquality manufacturer with perfect design and adoption of new technologies.

On the one hand although medical equipment is at the high level of advance it is well-known that 100% precise diagnostics does not exist. On the other hand every manufacturer tends to adopt new technologies and improve its devices to achieve the most precise possible results.

Our company offers wide range of diagnostic equipment: magnetic-resonance and computedtomography machines, ultrasound devices. All our equipment is characterized with highest reliability and highest diagnostic performance, including diagnostics of oncological diseases in early stages.

What are the key advantages of dealing with IPS?

We consider them to be the following:

  • Truly japanese high quality of Hitachi devices
  • Application of the most advanced and cutting edge technologies for devices manufactering
  • Optimal price to quality ratio
  • High reliability of Hitachi equipment
  • Highly individual approach to every customer
  • Shortest delivery dates
  • High quality of warranty and postwarranty services
  • Own service center
  • Professionalism and fast response on any customer’s request

Looking forward to long and effective cooperation!

Thank you for choosing our devices!